Saturday, February 6, 2016

oh hey...


I usually don't mind it so much, and I don't complain about the rain like most, but the sickness. Oh the sickness! If my memory serves me correctly (and it certainly may not) we haven't been quite this sick (in intensity, frequency, and longevity) for about 2 years.

Last winter our kiddos did have quite the battle with ear infections, which was pretty miserable. Malakai ended up getting tubes put in last June and Aurelia got pretty close but thankfully it wasn't necessary. Des rarely gets ear infections, but he gets knocked out with respiratory infections due to some asthma. 

This winter, we've got it all. First it was colds with a lingering cough. Two months later and I'll still get to coughing if I talk too long. The main culprit lately has been the stomach bug that just won't quit. Over the past 2 weeks we have each sucummed to some form of it. I'm not even entirely sure we all got the same thing because of how varied our symptoms were, but one triage nurse did say that the same virus can present differently in each person affected. It would hit one of us, then we'd all be fine, a couple days would pass and then someone else or the same person would suddenly be sick. It was always gone long enough to think we were in the clear and then, boom, someone else came up really sick. Malakai has been sick 3 times in the past 2 weeks!

{daddy played some music to cheer us up}

It's so sad to see your kiddos sick and not be able to do much about it. It's even worse when they're missing fun events that they've been looking forward to. One praise is that February 2nd was Ben's birthday and we all managed to stay well for long enough to celebrate him, however he was hit in the middle of the night that night and there we were again...

Thus my attempts to blog more in 2016 have been thwarted so far by the diseases of the season. We are finally feeling better and praying hard against any more bouts of illness this winter! So far we are all feeling pretty good!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Off to see Santa

Over the past weekend we managed to sneak in a visit to one of our favorite places, Johnson Brothers Greenhouses out in Coburg. We've enjoyed taking the kids out there at least once a month for their Seedlings Kid's Garden Club, which is a super fun + always cute make and take. We love going out there even more ever since we've befriended the owners...who we actually met at church before we knew the connection. Small world and happy coincidence!

This past Saturday happened to be Seedlings, the kid's made adorable pine cone ornaments, but also, Santa was making an appearance! While we waited for him to show the kiddos also wrote letters after finishing their ornaments. This was right up Malakai's alley as he's obsessed with writing letters and making lists.

While waiting in line to see Santa Clause, the kiddos could hardly contain their excitement. Aurelia enjoyed observing Santa from afar while snuggling with Katie, and the boys explored the displays and got a talking to about smiling for the picture ;)

Aurelia is typically very friendly and likes to be held by just about anyone, but she wasn't so sure about Santa. I may be odd, but these photos of her reaction crack me up every time I look at them.

Ben did a great job of snapping these photos quickly. Look how great the boys are smiling! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the promise of hot cocoa afteward...

Santa didn't seem to pleased that I went in for another try, but crying or not I wanted at least one photo of all 3 kiddos to look back on.

We haven't done Santa photos in a couple years, but here is a post that includes a visit to Santa.

What are some of your family traditions in the weeks leading up to Christmas?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall 2015

I keep hoping that time will slow down and I'll get to savor these days with my kids being small, especially Aurelia's baby-ness, but it's flying by faster than ever. We do our best to weed things out of our schedule, even things that we might REALLY want to do, in an effort to keep life at a manageable pace. Even so, we find ourselves feeling pretty busy most days, which I guess is inevitble with small children.

At the beginning of the school year Malakai tried out soccer for the first time. He liked it a lot, but the jury is out as to whether or not he will want to play again next season. Now he's in basketball and he's really enjoying it. He doesn't have much experience with basketball and it really showed his first few practices, it was pretty cute watching him learn new skills and the rules of the game. His coach is so very patient and really great at teaching him techniques for dribbling, shooting, gaurding, and all those other basketball musts. 

Last month I had the joy of accompanying Malakai on his first pumpkin patch field trip with all the 1st graders at his school. It was such a fun little trip and I loved seeing him interact with the other children and his teacher. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! We've been trying to get more involved withouot overloading our schedule (as I mentioned before) so we can get to know more families and help Malakai feel a part of the community at his school. I'm chomping at the bit to volunteer on a more regular basis, just waiting on his teacher to need me!

Desmond is getting back into the groove of wanting to do school again. For a stretch he wasn't really into it. He wanted to play superheros all day long and even when he said he wanted to do school he struggled with following directions because he would change his mind or want to rush through to get to something else. Thankfully he's liking it again and is getting into memorizing Bible verses and sounding out letters. We have done just a little name writing practice and he surprised me last week by writing his name at an activity we were attending at Malakai's school. 

Aurelia is fine tuning all sorts of new skills. She's walking all over the place, but still has some sturdiness issues and trips on a regular basis. I love watching her wobbly walk and the look of excitement and pride when she gets going fast for a long stretch. She just stood up from sitting without grabbing something for help for the first time this week.  She is doing a lot of talking, signing and mimicing of noises and behaviours. She said "hi, dada" and waved at him the other day. If she hears Ben come home from work she will toddle down the hallway to greet him, arms up high wanting a hug. She says mama and follows me around all day long. She has been going through a clingy stage, which I think has to do with working on some molars because it's also really messing with her sleep.

Aurelia's newest words are "uh-uh" while shaking her head no, "mm-hm" while nodding yes, "muh" or "num" while signing for more to eat, "hewwo" while putting a toy phone up to her ear and "wook" while pointing for you to look at something. 

Ben + I have not only been busy with the kid's activities but various social events and projects of our own. In the last couple months, with the help of our wonderful families, he has installed a new tub surround (which also required new dry wall, and repainting the bathroom) and added a concrete slab to our side yard. These have been on our to-do list for quite some time so it feels good to have them done and I'm so proud of Ben's hard work as he pressed on to learn new things and get the work done quickly!

In the midst of it all I'm hoping to get back to updating here more. I knew I wouldn't get to or really want to make this space a priority during this past year with so many new things and it felt like a very pivitol year for me as a mother, savoring the baby days of our last child. I'm still savoring the days but also able to find time to do some of my hobbies that I put aside, like blogging, a little more.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aurelia's 1st Birthday

 I still have Malakai's birthday to post about, but since it's most fresh on my mind and in my camera card, I'll share how we celebrated Aurelia's very first birthday.

{the coral dress in these photos is the same newborn sized dress}

Aurelia turned one year old on September 5th and I mourned the fact that her baby days are slipping away. I'm still wondering where the last 12 months disappeared to. We celebrated her growing and learning and the joy she brings to our little family. Sadly, she had been very sick the entire week prior with 3 visits to the pediatrician, 2 trips to the pharmacy, and numerous called to the triage nurse. It started the week before when she had been acting fussy and spiked a fever for just a day. It broke on it's own and she didn't really have any other symptoms beside being extremely irritable. On Friday I decided to take her in just to be sure before the weekend hit and we had to resort to urgent care if things got worse. We saw one of the new providers at our pediatricians office and she checked Aurelia's ears, which were my suspicion because of her behavior, and despite no other symptoms she did in fact have an ear infection. 

She was limited in what antibiotics she could take due to previous side effects, so we decided to try the same one she had with her last ear infection in early June. After 2 days and no real improvement in her mood, she woke with a mild case of hives on her belly. That night she vomited shortly after taking another dose of her medicine. The next day we went in to the doctor to chat about her reactions and changing medicine. Then Aurelia started refusing the medicine, she'd spit it no matter how we tried to give it to her. By the Friday, a full week from when we previously took her in we were back for the 3rd visit to see if her meds were doing any good since she was spitting them out. Thankfully her ear was improving, so we kept attempting to get to to swallow as much as possible and prayed for healing. We were able to celebrate Grandma Debbie's birthday that day without too much of a fuss. 

On her birthday she was in great spirits. We went out to one of our favorite places, Johnson Brothers Greenhouses out in Coburg, Oregon. They do a really sweet little kids' event the first Saturday of every month. Then we actually celebrated her little friend who happens to be 8 days younger at her birthday party and ended the day playing at home together.

Sunday after church we threw her a simple little garden party at our dear friend's home and she was just a peach the entire day. It was so nice to have her finally feeling better.

{Mima outdid herself again with a beautiful cake}

We had some light snacks and drinks for our guests and played lawn games and had a good old fashioned visit.

We watched her daintily eat her very first bites of cake and frosting, and play with tissue and wrapping paper as she opened up gifts.

{banana applesauce smash cake}

She watched the big kids play and got passed around from grandparents, to aunts + uncles, to friends and crawled around in the grass with here cousin, brothers and little friends. 

It was a perfect little afternoon celebration for our sweet and sassy little girl. 

Essential Oils...

Some of you may have noticed I've removed my Essential Oils page and all the spotlight posts I had shared. Unfortunately there are new rules pertaining to how I can share about oils on my blog. I don't have the time to go through and edit these posts to be compliant so they've been temporarily removed. If you're looking for more information please feel free to head over to my Instagram account to view what I cannot post here.

Happy oiling! 
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